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Prevent aches and pains while travelling


Being in a car or a plane for long periods of time can make anyone sore, but for those with injuries, long travels can be a nightmare. While there is likely no way of preventing all aches and pains that are associated with long travel, there are several things you can do to decrease the pain and recovery time.


HEART HEALTH – Be good to your heart

February is heart health month and Valentine’s Day.
Here are 4 Ways to help your heart!

Cartoon hearts
1.) Quit smoking: If you smoke, make a plan to quit! Within months of quitting, the risk of a heart attack is greatly reduced. Within a year of quitting, lung capacity and breathing can improve by 10%.
2.) Cut down on sugar: More than 6 teaspoons per day has been linked to cardiovascular disease and other health issues.
3.) Try a meatless meal once per week: Plan to have one vegetarian meal each week. Eating more legumes can help manage diabetes and improve cholesterol levels.
4.) GET ACTIVE! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, but make activity part of your everyday routine. Physical activity combined with healthy eating can help control and prevent heart disease.


Osteoarthritic Knee Pain

This New Year get active and stay ahead of Osteoarthritic Knee Pain.


Feeling knee pain? It’s time to take action!

Osteoarthritis, commonly known as the wear-and-tear arthritis, is a condition in which the natural cushioning between joints and cartilage wears away. When this happens, the bones of the joints rub together resulting in pain, swelling, stiffness, decreased ability to move and, and in some cases, can lead to bone spurs.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, and the knee is the most commonly affected area. Unfortunately almost everyone will eventually develop some degree of osteoarthritis.