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It’s great to see more kids than ever involved in athletics and organized sports. But research shows us that sport is the main cause of injury in adolescents.
Active growing children will go through normal aches and growing pains. The pain usually only lasts a few days, they are in mild discomfort, and it doesn’t really inhibit their activity. Often rest or a few days off sport will help these cases.
But if children are experiencing the following symptoms…
Visit your physio or MD for diagnosis and treatment.
 Pain that lasts over 4 days
 Increasing sharp pains
 Pain that gets worse with activity
 Pain that stops participation
 Limping or favouring the injury or body part
 Not sleeping well
 Redness or swelling around the area – or talk of numbness
Most common injuries in children are: ankle sprains, wrist sprains or fractures, sore backs from poor posture, scoliosis and knee pain.
Understanding kid’s physical abilities during different stages of their lives is the best way to help support them to stay active and safely develop their athletic abilities. It can also help parent’s understand and detect if their child may have physical restrictions or an injury that needs to be treated by a physiotherapist.
TIP TO REMEMBER: Early treatment results in less time away from sport, and generally less treatment.